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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hero Grandmother Lights Up Drug Suspect Who Was Attacking A Police Officer

Wayne Dupree: "A Police Officer was investigating a man sleeping inside of a car when drugs were found. When the man tried to fight his way out, this grandmother chose to help deliver justice."

Dupree Reports: 

 She reminds me of my mom, that bad guy didn’t stand a chance against her. Vickie Williams-Tillman, 56 was driving along when she thought she saw an officer needing assistance.
 She pulled over to ask, but before she could finish, the suspect had leaped at the officer trying to take whatever weapons the law enforcement officer had.
InspireMore Reports: 

Vickie wisely called 911 before making her next move. Once she knew backup was on the way, Vickie leapt out of her vehicle and jumped on the back of the violent assailant.
Vickie tried her best to subdue the suspect before he caused permanent harm to the officer or her own person. She twisted his arm away as the suspect reached for Officer Billy’s gun and managed to hold him there until backup arrived.
“I’m just glad that he’s here,” an emotional Vickie said during a news conference. “I’m just so happy, lost of words. I’m just so glad of the turnout. I know God led me in that direction when I left my home.”
The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Thomas Bennett, of Albany, Louisiana was found with cocaine and drug paraphernalia and booked into Parish Prison where he awaits sentencing.
“Thank you Vickie for looking out for the officer,” one Facebook user wrote. “You are a true hero!”
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