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Friday, May 26, 2017

Manchester bomber ‘planned his attack for a year and stockpiled materials for bomb that killed 22 innocent people from Screwfix and B&Q’

Salman Abedi said to have planned deadly Manchester bombing for a year

  • Suicide bomber believed to have stockpiled materials from Screwfix and B&Q He paid for 'shrapnel' with bank account he had opened 12 months before-  
  • Authorities also probing his trip to Istanbul and Dusseldorf earlier this month-
  •  The Manchester bomber planned his deadly attack on innocent children for up to a year, financial records suggest-

 It is understood Salman Abedi’s suicide bomb blast that killed 22 people and injured 119 more was meticulously planned, with authorities investigating his time in Libya, Turkey and Germany in the days before the atrocity. 

 Abedi was in Dusseldorf just a week before the attack, with the area known as a ‘hotbed of extremism’, prompting officials to probe whether he had an accomplice in Germany.

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