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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Portland Train Murderer identified as a Bernie Sanders Supporter who hated President Trump, (Not) an alt-right white nationalist. Ignore #FakeNEWS and their unethical reporting-

Apparently #FakeNews is at it again, portraying a false narrative to mislead the American People for political purposes... "Very sad and highly unethical especially, when dealing with the loss of life. This seems to be the new norm and Americans should be truly offended..."   -Chuck Callesto 

As far back as April 5, 2016 we can see from Mr. Christian's Facebook posts that he shared a strong hate for Donald Trump and the narrative these "News Entertainment Outlets" in many aspects created about now President Trump...

The Question we must now ask ourselves is; "what can we believe from the Corporate Mainstream Media?"  

We also must ask ourselves why was an assassination threat or talk of an assassination of then Senator Jeff Sessions ignored or missed by Facebook and / or not reported by Mr. Christian's friends or acquaintances.  Could these senseless murders have been avoided?  

Once cannot even call it Entertainment News at this point. It has become more and more apparent that a very specific political agenda has emerged or a way to promote that agenda, which seems to have started in Ferguson, MO. after the Michael Brown shooting. 

 The days of verifying fact before publishing have diminished and been replaced with Political Narratives driven by the Mainstream Media.  

 It is a true Shame that these #FakeNews Media Organizations prey on average America's who wholeheartedly rely on these media outlets to bring them fair and balanced news.  

This in itself is criminal and if not, it really should be... This is not American, this is not ethical, this is not what real journalism represents.

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