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President Trump Receives Huge Applause Vowing To Protect Israel From ISIS, Hamas, Iran

Trump addresses the Israeli People and Vows to Protect them from Terror Organizations:

“I am honored to be In the ancient city of Jerusalem to address the Israeli people and all people in the Middle East who yearn for security, prosperity and peace,” he said. 
Jerusalem is a sacred city. Its beauty, splendor and heritage are like no other place on earth. What a heritage, what heritage. The ties of the Jewish people to this holy land are ancient and eternal. 
They date back thousands of years, including the reign of Kind David, whose star now flies proudly on Israelis’ white an blue flag.”
“Israel is testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people,” he continued. 
“From all parts of this great country, one message resounds, and that is the message of hope. Down through the ages, the Jewish people have suffered persecution, oppression, and… [others have] sought their destruction,” he said. 
“I make this promise to you: My administration will always stand with Israel.” This remark earned an additional handshake from Netanyahu. 
After reiterating that civilized nations must band together against terror, he said, “Israelis are murdered by terrorists wielding knives… Hamas and Hezbollah launch rockets into Israeli communities where school children… must run to the bomb shelters with fear but with speed. 
ISIS targets Jewish neighborhoods, synagogues… and Iran’s leaders routinely call for Israel’s destruction. 
Not with Donald J. Trump.” At this, the rose to a standing ovation, as Netanyahu pumped his fist in support. “I like you, too,” Trump said in response.

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