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Monday, May 29, 2017

Texas Democratic Rep Threatens To Kill Republican Rep On Legislative Floor After He Called ICE On Illegal Immigrants

Freedom Outpost Reports: "We’ve repeatedly warned that the division festering among the Left and Right could soon lead to violence across America and the real possibility of a civil war."


 And while attacks have thus far been limited to protesters clashing on college campuses and speaking venues for Republicans, things have now taken a drastic turn. 

 Hours ago, as supporters of illegal immigration massed to protest the policies being put into place by the new White House administration and the Texas State government, two Texas legislators nearly came to blows in the Capital.

 According to Republican legislative representative Matt Rinaldi, he was accosted by Democrat Poncho Nevarez.

 The argument stemmed from the fact that scores of protesters were waving signs in Austin, TX, with many identifying themselves as illegal immigrants.

Rinaldi reportedly had enough of the disturbance and contacted ICE agents.

 When Rinaldi advised the House Floor that the agents had been contacted, Nevarez apparently lost total control of his faculties and began assaulting him, to the point that other legislators had to step in to break up the fight.

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