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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Italy says it can't cope with any more migrants, "unsustainable" impact on areas affected.

ITALY: "WE’LL CLOSE THE PORTS TO MIGRANT BOATS, It’s not going to make a difference unless boats are stopped."

Italy has finally said enough is enough and threatened to close its ports to migrant rescue boats unless the EU offer more help.

 The Italian Ambassador in Brussels told the European Commissioner for Migration that Italy can’t cope with any more migration, citing the socio-economic impact on certain regions being “unsustainable.” 

 Italy’s government has said they will continue rescue missions in the Mediterranean but have called on the EU to help redistribute migrants more effectively, which will certainly anger Eastern European countries which have so far refused to take part in any migrant resettlement program.

 Italian officials have said they will prevent NGO boats from docking, as well as EU border boats from the Frontex agency. Sadly the authorities are deluding themselves if they think the answer is to streamline the process for people smugglers. 

The only solution, which is recommended by Austria’s top soldier, is to stop the boats from coming in the first place and devote resources to proper camps around Libya and Syria.

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