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Thursday, June 29, 2017

James O' Keefe drops a MAJOR hint as to who may be the subject of his 3rd undercover investigation into the ethics of CNN and what dives their narratives-

Today on Twitter, James O'Keefe may have spilled the beans on who their (Project Veritas) 3rd video highlights-

Among many of the disconnected liberal white house reporters who clearly demonstrate they are in fact the political opposition to the Trump administration and Republican leadership, one whiny voice has emerged as their fearless leader or head crybaby. That man's name if you haven't already figured it out from his latest antics is Jim Acosta. 

 Now you know every faction must have its leader.  Crying Chuck Schumer leads the Democrats who sat silent when they knew President Trump wasn't under investigation for Russian Collusion, but turned right around, went on Television and told the American People the complete opposite.  An act which basically mislead all of his voting base and inevitably made fools average Americans who trust his word and put him in office. Wonder how that will sit with his voting base. 

Back to Mr. Acosta.  In a recent tweet posted by James O'Keefe that was in response to another (140 character temper tantrum)  tweeted by Mr. Acosta... James had this to say:

"Your world is going to get rocked early tomorrow.  We are so excited..."  

This leads us to believe that Jim may be next.  One could only imagine what goes through his head, and we may just find out...

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