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Monday, July 31, 2017

Krauthammer: Last Week Trump Admin May Have ‘Hit Bottom,’ Now They’ve ‘B...

On Fox’s Special Report tonight, Charles Krauthammer said that Gen. John Kelly being made White House Chief of Staff may represent an upward turn for the Trump administration.


Bret Baier recapped how today Sarah Huckabee Sanders said all White House staffers will report to Kelly before Krauthammer weighed in on how the White House “hit bottom” last week.

But with Scaramucci out and Kelly taking over in the White House, he continued, “it seems to have bounced off the bottom.”

Krauthammer’s encouraged by Kelly becoming Chief of Staff, which he thinks could lead to “a White House that can really function.” 

If he’s been given full control (and control over some of the President’s “own impulses”), Krauthammer concluded that it would “give this administration a chance of succeeding.”
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