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Friday, July 7, 2017


In response to the request by President Donald Trump’s commission on vote fraud to provide voter data, the vast majority of states have refused to provide all the information that the panel is asking for.

19 states and the District of Columbia are refusing to provide any data while 26 other states have said they will give only publicly available data. 

 One of the member’s of the president’s panel, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, appeared on MSNBC this afternoon to discuss voter fraud and its prevalence. And things got a bit combative. 

 When Blackwell began the interview with a lengthy non-answer to host Katy Tur’s question on whether he’s experienced voter and election fraud, the MSNBC personality decided to press him about the fact that there have been investigations and studies that show in-person voter fraud is very rare.

 And when Blackwell tried to interrupt her, Tur wasn’t having it.

“No, no, no, this is not your show, sir,” Tur exclaimed. “I’m going to finish what I’m saying…please stop talking.” 

As Blackwell kept talking, Tur tussled with him, asking him to please let her ask a question first.

 “Stop for a second,” she added.

Later in the interview, after Blackwell cited a Pew study that has been regularly misinterpreted by some as a way of showing that voter fraud is widespread, Tur and Blackwell once again engaged in a back-and-forth where the two talked over each other.

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