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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Oregon Issues First Gender-Neutral State ID Cards

First Gender-Neutral State ID Cards

Oregon began issuing its new gender-neutral driver's licenses and state ID cards to enthusiastic applicants this week.

 While Washington, D.C. started to issue a similar driver's license — featuring the letter "X" in the sex field where "M" or "F" usually go — Oregon is officially the first U.S. state to roll out the program.
Image: Oregon DMV
A sample Oregon driver license. 

The Pacific Northwest state started preparing for the change to its state ID cards in 2016, after Portland resident Jamie Shupe became the nation's first person granted a gender change to "non-binary" by court order. 

Since Multnomah County Judge Amy Holmes Hehn granted Shupe's request to become legally non-binary, at least a dozen people around the country have taken similar requests to local courts.

 Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles spokesperson David House told NBC News there's no way to predict how many of the state's residents will apply to receive a new ID with the "X" marker.

 "We don’t even have a guess on the number because we have no data to base it on," said House. 

"Our licenses and ID cards are valid for 8 years, so if some people wait until their renewal, that could take 8 years to get a full picture of the number."

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