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Pres. Trump to Speak with Law Enforcement About MS-13 Gang, Sessions Visits El Salvador

July 28, 2017
OAN Newsroom
President Trump is set to outline his administration’s plans on how to crack down on a notorious gang.
The president will travel to New York Friday afternoon to give remarks on the MS-13 gang to federal, state, and local law enforcement.
The president’s expected to encourage Congress to back his call for an additional 10,000 ICE agents to track down gang members.
Officials say by cracking down on illegal immigration the gang’s primary source of new recruits will be eliminated.
Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in El Salvador where he’s meeting with officials on ways the U.S. can help them battle MS-13.
The gang mostly preys on the immigrant Salvadorian community.
Violent crime in El Salvador and other Central American countries is one of the reasons people migrate to the U.S.
El Salvador has charged 600 gang members with crimes just weeks before Sessions visit.
The White House has highlighted border enforcement as a tool in fighting MS-13.
Sessions says lax immigration enforcement allowed the gang to smuggle members into the country.
This comes as hundreds of alleged MS-13 gang members are in jail in El Salvador.
Authorities arrested more than 400 street gang members in raids this week.
The crack down came just before Attorney General Jeff Sessions trip to the Central American country.
The Trump administration is prioritizing combating gang activity in the U.S. by focusing primarily on MS-13.

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