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Russia Seizes U.S. Diplomatic Facilities, Demands Embassy Staff-Reductions

(FILES) This file photo taken on July 12, 2017 shows the main building of the Russian Foreign Ministry seen from an observation point at Vorobyovy Gory in Moscow. Russia’s foreign ministry announced on July 28, 2017 counter measures in response to tough new sanctions proposed by the United States. (AFP PHOTO / Alexander NEMENOV/Reuters)

July 28, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Russia responds to new U.S. sanctions by seizing two diplomatic properties and demanding staff reductions at the U.S. embassy by September.
In a statement the Russian foreign ministry said the sanctions were an example of extreme aggressiveness by the United States toward Russia.
It is unclear how many American diplomatic staffers would be affected by the reprisals, but the number is said to be in the hundreds.
Meanwhile, President Trump has not yet indicated whether or not he will veto the sanctions bill making its way to his desk.

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