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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wayne Dupree: "CNN's Alisyn Camerota Left Twitter But Before She Did, This Interview w Gorka Went Viral! He Brutally Went There!"

Gorka Tells CNN How Nick-At-Nite Gets More Viewers Than Them – Watch Their Reaction!

Dupree Continues:

 White House Advisor Sebastian Gorka just embarrassed CNN’s Alisyn Camerota during an interview where he proclaimed cartoons were more popular than the network. 

This had to be one of the best pie-in-the-face slams ever delivered against CNN during their interview segment. 

Source: NTK Network
“The amount of time you spend in desperation on a topic that has plummeted you to 13th place in viewership ranking across America, I mean, more people watch ‘Nick at Night’ cartoons than CNN today,” Gorka told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.
“Our ratings are doing just fine,” Camerota shot back.
“You’re thirteenth. ‘Nick at Night’ is eleventh,” Gorka pointed out. “More people are interested in cartoons than CNN.”
Camerota retorted that more people would want to watch Netflix’s “House of Cards” than the Trump White House.
When Gorka pointed out that polling indicated Americans were not concerned with the Russia story, Camerota rolled her eyes at the White House adviser.
Television ratings show that CNN’s ratings problems are real and confirmed Gorka’s claim that CNN had fallen to thirteenth in cable ratings. 


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