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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


We all remember the "Terminator" movies... Has it become reality?

It’s the future shock that all those sci-fi novels warned us about. Even scientists dealing in the reality of robotics and other man made “lifeforms” have told us that such a situation is very likely. Now we are seeing examples of it coming true, and if this is the shape of things to come, the human race is in big trouble. The idea of Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. for short, has always been both an intriguing possibility and a dire consequence of our need to play God.

The Direct Result Of Man Playing God With Machines

We want to build automatons who aid in our everyday life. We want mechanical servants who wash our dishes, clean our houses, run our errands, and basically take up the slack in what it rapidly becoming an out of control existence. 

But with that comes the real possibility of a robot revolt. We have been warned that the smarter and more sentient we make these machines, the sooner they will develop a consciousness and start plotting against their makers.

And now we are starting to see this in action. Apparently, Facebook had to turn off two of its robot when it was discovered that (a) they were talking to each other in (b) a language of their very own that they created themselves. 

You read that right – in order to communicate exclusively, the machines made up their own vocabulary, and what programmers thought was gibberish ended up being a dialogue between the two. Sounds like something out of The Twilight Zone…or Terminator.

But Artificial Intelligence May Be A Bigger Threat Than We Think...

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