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Monday, August 28, 2017

⚡️Breaking: Fox News discussing reports that KKK and BLM were BOTH seen getting off the buses at the Neo-Nazi event.

Very interesting point of view, is their evidence to support this clam? You Decide...

As more and more reports surface on this very topic is it time for an Federal Investigation?
A photo posted to Twitter by @letgomathias seems corroborate some of the footage shot in the video.

Screen Hoopla has compiled the following video on this subject and the debate whether a stand down order was issued.

An0maly - News Analysis & Hip-hop Reports "Was Charlottesville Completely Staged? Something smells fishy. Let's look!"

Here is the FULL INTERVIEW of the Charlottsville eyewitness Charles Patrick was referring to.

His Video Caption Reads:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. " Riot" was a planned PR stunt gone wrong. My friend whom I trust dearly was there. She was not there to protest. She was not there to riot. She was there having lunch and taking in local culture. As she has done in the past for many weeks. Engaging in conversation with the locals. Ads were placed on craigslist Virginia looking for " paid protesters" from a service that provides crowds on demand.

 Who paid for this " service? " and why? Participants in this staged event arrived in Buses .Actors wearing BLM and KKK Shirts arrived TOGETHER. In the SAME BUS. They were armed with riot gear, shields, soda bottles full of concrete, condoms full of manure, urine and other substances.

Should the Federal Government take a look into this or do you feel these reports do not lay claim to some sort of Set-up?  Let us know in the comment section below.