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Friday, August 4, 2017

BREAKING: Half of the candidates for Detroit mayor are convicted felons!?

The convict candidates: HALF of the hopefuls running for Detroit mayor have records for range of crimes including attempted murder, assault and drug possession:

Daily Mail:

 Four of the eight hopefuls who hope to face off in the election on November 7 have been busted on various felony crimes including attempted murder, assault, weapons and drug charges according to the Detroit News.

  • Candidate Donna Pitts, 58, was convicted of assault after cops say she got into a gun fight over an auto repair bill 
  • Danetta L. Simpson, 46, candidate for Mayor, was convicted of assault with attempt to murder after an altercation led to her firing a round at a woman
  • Candidate Curtis Greene, 32, was busted for evading police and pot, he was put on probation and violated it and was sentenced to six months in jail
  • Articia Bomer, 45, another hopeful, was convicted of felony gun possession in 2009 
Two of the candidates, Donna Marie Pitts, and Danetta L. Simpson, were both charged with attempted murder.

Mayoral hopeful Pitts, 58, exchanged fire with the owner of a collision shop in a dispute over a repair bill. 

DaNetta Simpson was convicted of assault with attempt to murder

Candidate Christopher Greene was sentenced to six months in jail after he violated probation on drug charges

Mayoral hopeful Articia Bomer was convicted of a felony weapons charge

Pitts in 1987 was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison after a jury convicted her of the lesser offense of assault. She ended up serving four years and eight months behind bars.
Before that in 1977, Pitts was convicted of receiving and concealing a stolen 1977 Oldsmobile. She completed a year of probation.
Simpson, 46, has a 1996 felony conviction for assault with attempt to murder. She claims she was wrongfully convicted.