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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Conservative Voice Mike Cernovich offers to donate $100,000 to Charity if Jake Tapper will agree to a debate after his guests falsely claim he is a Russian Agent.-

It looks like CNN and its hosts are now impaneling those willing slander in an attempt to silence opposing opinions, rather than debate fact in a less BIAS manner-

Slander, redaction's and lawsuits seems to be the next generation of the Mainstream Media's attempt to censor Free Press.

CNN's own golden boy Jake tapper leads the way on this occasion as he impanels a guest who falsely accuses best selling author and conservative voice Mike Cernovich, founder of Cernovich Media of being a Russian Agent.

Cernovich fired back with a debate offer tagged with a 100,000 donation to a charity should he accept.
We now wait to see if Tapper will accept Cernovich's offer (to pretty much put his money where his mouth is) for a great cause...