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Friday, August 25, 2017

Exclusive: There is a new Sheriff in town and he's got his sites set on Maxine Waters

Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses Omar Navarro for California's 43rd.

Mr. Navarro has emerged as a fierce and legitimate contender to take down Maxine Waters in California's California's 43rd congressional district.

Navarro is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, his agenda, and his vision to Drain the Swamp that has festered in Washington D.C for decades.  

This recent endorsement received from "America's toughest Sheriff" also known as Sheriff Joe, can only boast a strong campaign structure and a message that is resonating with California Voters. 


Navarro (pictured above) outside Maxine Waters house announced his candidacy at that very spot, sending a shock wave straight to Washington.  He has since become a harsh critic of her policies and has no problem letting her know he's coming for her seat.

Recently Mr. Navarro has brought attention to Waters' intention to divide rather than unite and is forming a list of endorsements that rivals seasoned politicians.

July 11th, Navarro secured the endorsement of Larry Elder and has show he is making all the right connections for a winning campaign. 

Seen here at Politicon with Internet sensation Tomi Lahren, both are all smiles.

Navarro spends a great deal of time with the people of California attending protests and standing up for free speech, which many would say shows, he is truly a candidate of the people.

A Facebook group has went as far a calling Mr. Navarro, "The People's Choice."  The same group made some serious noise during President Trump's (then candidate Trump's) 2016 Presidential campaign boasting a reach of close to 50 million people, in the final month of his Presidential Run.

For more information on Omar Navarro and his run for California's 43rd congressional district visit his twitter page: @RealOmarNavarro

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