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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Katie Couric's producers were 'doused with human urine and mud' during #Charlottesville protest

She described how two of her producers were hit by a 'urine bomb' while she was covering the protests in Charlottesville last week.

Daily Mail:

Couric wrote an op-ed that was published Friday by the outlet as a way for her to 'reflect on her experiences'.
In the op-ed titled 'Being in Charlottesville Broke My Heart. It Also Filled Me With Hope', Couric said two of her producers were splashed with a mixture of mud and urine.
'Observing the rising battle of protest chants, two of my producers were standing on an elevated edge of the park when suddenly they were doused with a concoction of human urine and mud,' Couric wrote.

In the op-ed, Couric continued to explain other encounters that were happening around her. 'Around the same time, a large and violent brawl broke out near the corner of East Market and 2nd Street,' she wrote. 

 'Standing on the hillside at the entrance to the park, we looked out over the sea of people struggling to take cover. 'We saw projectiles being thrown back and forth, including bottles and brown colored balloons (which another reporter told me were filled with feces).'

Besides describing her time in Charlottesville for the 72 hours she spent there, Couric also explained how her assignment felt more personal.

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