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Sunday, August 27, 2017

KY Republican Party Attacked With “Die Nazis, Nazi Scum” Vandalism

Wayne Dupree: "The Republican Party of Fayette County headquarters on Southland Drive in Lexington was attacked for the second time, but this one was beyond the pale."


What’s ironic is we had eight years of Barack Obama and suffered through it. The liberals have had nine months of a Republican and just can’t stand it. Probably because benefits have been shut off and they have to work like everyone else.

These acts of vandalism remind me of the time Nazis did this to Jewish businesses in Germany, oh wait, ANTIFA is the modern day Nazis.


It was the second act of vandalism at the office since Republican President Donald Trump’s election last November, when someone smashed the glass door with a small metal dumbbell.

State and local GOP officials swiftly said that they don’t blame the Democratic Party for the malicious acts.

“I think you’ve got people on the extremes on both sides in terms of the kind of rhetoric we’re seeing out there,” said Gary McCollum, Fayette County chairman for the Republican Party, who spent his Saturday afternoon cleaning the windows with solvent. “I don’t think this is representative of most people on the left.”

Kentucky Republican Party spokesman Tres Watson said: “These are not the actions of the Democrats. They may associate themselves with the left, but I can assure you the Kentucky Democratic Party and the Fayette County Democratic Party do not associate themselves with them.

“There is an element of our society right now that is coming unglued, that is coming unhinged, and it is really unfortunate. We need to be steering the conversation back to policy and away from this hateful rhetoric,” Watson added.

The Kentucky Democratic Party condemned the vandalism in a prepared statement.

“The Kentucky Democratic Party cannot condone the defacing or destruction of property such as what has occurred at the Fayette County Republican Party office. We denounce hate and racism, but we cannot expect to eradicate it through violent or destructive behavior,” the party said.

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