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Monday, August 21, 2017

President Trump heads back to Washington, but not before Slamming Fake news reporting via twitter.

After a working vacation President Trump returns to Washington-

Most would say this was hardly a vacation for President Trump, but more of a working vacation met with Political unrest in the nation.

A little over a week ago in Charlottsville, 3 people (American citizens) lost their lives when protesters and counter protesters / agitators clashed at a rally which was looked to be planned by a former Occupy Wall Street Democrat. REPORT: WHITE SUPREMACIST LEADER IN CHARLOTTESVILLE JASON KESSLER WAS OBAMA SUPPORTER – OCCUPY PROTESTER

The Mainstream Media would have you believe President Trump is responsible for the unrest in this country, however facts seem to prove a much different story.  

Pictured below is a photo taken in Boston at a Free Speech rally. A rally the Mainstream Media depicted as a white nationalist / KKK rally.  In response, the rally saw close to 40 thousand counter protesters many peaceful, but the peace was clouded by many violent agitators from BLM and a group that calls themselves Antifa.    

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