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Monday, August 28, 2017

REPORT: Berkeley Police escort journalist into harms way and leave her with no protection-

Latino American reporter Irma Hinojosa discusses how Berkeley Police escorted her out of the park, into danger and left her unprotected.

"In Berkeley, protesters are surrounding & mobbing us. They think we're all white supremacists, thanks to the media." are the words that open Irma Hinojosa's 2 hour coverage of the Berkeley Protests that once again turned violent.

She went on to discuss how both her and her crew were "Escorted by police in  surrounded by violent leftist. Took us to the other side&left us with no protection. 

Here is the full video of Irma's coverage of the Protests that once again turned Violent in Berkeley on 8/27/2017.
Irma also went on to express her displeasure at the Chief Greenwood, saying this:

"Chief Andrew Greenwood of @berkeleypolice just said they need to provide space for ANTIFA. This is an approval of their violence. #Berkeley"