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These Legislators are set to vote to Censure President Trump with the Democrats-

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Rep. Ami Bera sees cause to censure President Trump

Rep. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) said at a town hall meeting Saturday that President Trump’s actions and comments in response to racist violence in Virginia are embarrassing and that a case could be made for censuring the president.
“I think given his actions, his words post-Charlottesville, you can very well make the case, and we are starting to talk about that, of censuring the president,” Bera said to strong applause. “We can’t do that without Republicans finding the political courage to join with us.”
Bera said Trump has divided the U.S. with his comments and actions and hurt the country’s image in the world.
“I, at this particular point, am embarrassed by our president and some of his actions, some of his words,” Bera told some 300 people who attended the town hall at Cordova High Performing Arts Center in Rancho Cordova, east of Sacramento.
The congressman also was asked by audience members about the possibility of the president being impeached.
“I think things are moving in that direction,” Bera said. “I think the special counsel, Robert Mueller, is accelerating the investigation.”
Bera has won two competitive reelections to Congress and has faced tough crowds before, but the audience Saturday was polite and supportive with its applause.
Bernie Brown and other audience members said they want Bera, a physician, to support a Medicare-for-all system of healthcare. “It would be more efficient,” Brown said.
Bera said his preference is to stabilize the Affordable Care Act system, sign up the remaining uninsured population and then consider the best financial model, which he said could involve allowing more people to sign up for Medicare.

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