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Monday, August 28, 2017

Widespread looting reported in Houston as police are trying to save lives

Reports of homes and stores being looted.  1 confirmed looter was shot in the head by a homeowner who did not evacuate, but he has survived thus far.  

The Goldwater Reports: 

One man in Corpus Christi, Texas thought he saw an opportunity to loot some homes when Hurricane Harvey touched down last Friday night. Little did he know that the homeowner of the home he picked didn't evacuate. The would be looter was met with lethal force when the homeowner caught him breaking into his home and shot him in the head. The man somehow survived the injury and the homeowner called the police. When police responded to the scene they found the man shot in the head but alive. The homeowner told police that the wounded man had broken into his residence and he had used his firearm in self-defense to shoot the intruder.
The shooting took place just an hour after Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas. It is the first category 4 hurricane that has touched down in the state in over a decade. The last few days have seen the people of Texas preparing for the storm with some counties being fully evacuated. Over a 100,000 people are without power as the winds blow trees and power lines down. One high school has been leveled already by the storm with reports of people trapped inside. The state's emergency response units and FEMA have prepared for causality's.
      Credit: 6 KRISTV

It is unknown if the residence the man broke into was one of the homes without power but it is likely there will be more crimes committed as criminals see the hurricane as an opportunity. The man who was shot has not been identified but authorities did say that he has been taken to Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline.