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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Poll: Judge Roy Moore Extends Commanding Double-Digit Lead over Establishment Luther Strange

In a third poll in as many weeks Judge Roy Moore flexes his muscles while leading Strange significantly. Another testament to the Trump Phenomenon that is draining the DC swamp.


Judge Roy Moore is the clear conservative frontrunner for the U.S. Senate GOP primary runoff on September 26, dwarfing the GOP establishment-backed Sen. Luther Strange by more than double digits in a new poll.

Moore towers over Strange with a solid majority of the electorate and a 16-point lead. Moore’s 52 percent, per the new poll, dwarfs Strange’s 36 percent in the poll conducted by firm Southeast Research from August 29 to August 31 in Alabama. The poll surveyed 401 likely voters in the runoff and has a margin of error of five percent.
“Southeast Research’s political pollster is Dr. Jerry Ingram, professor emeritus of Auburn University Montgomery,” the polling document reads, adding:
Dr. Ingram has conducted hundreds of polls in the state of Alabama for races involving the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress as well as state races for Governor, Attorney General, the Alabama Supreme Court and other offices. He is certified by a national professional research organization at their highest level and he has been recognized as an expert in public opinion research by both federal and state courts.

This is the third poll in as many weeks that demonstrates how Moore is leading Strange significantly, while Strange struggles to gain any traction whatsoever. Moore’s campaign, since the first round of voting on August 15, has been consistently picking up conservative and GOP support with key endorsements and gaining momentum. Strange, meanwhile, is struggling to get anywhere with his campaign as his highest-profile endorser, President Donald Trump, who backed him in the first round but not in the second round, appears to be backing off his support for Strange. Strange has been complaining about the polls, but continuing to complain will not likely help him win. His campaign actually drafted a memo whining about the polls—and leaked it to establishment-friendly reporters so they would put it in the press—as part of a desperate effort to shrug off the fact that his campaign is losing badly despite the millions upon millions of dollars the establishment in Washington, DC, is spending on his behalf.

The poll shows Moore’s strength is with evangelicals and conservatives, while Strange is only getting support from “moderate” voters. Fifty-four percent of evangelicals and 58 percent of conservatives back Moore, while Strange only gets 32 percent of each. With moderates, Strange gets 49 percent and Moore gets 39 percent, while non-evangelical Christians back Strange with 55 percent, and 40 percent back Moore.
“Moore is very strong with Christian conservatives, and he’s very strong with Republican voters who identify as conservative or very conservative in this poll,” Ingram, the pollster, said when reached by Breitbart News on Wednesday morning. “With a 16-point deficit [for Strange], it’s going to be very difficult to overcome. Strange has hit Moore very hard this weekend and before this weekend, and it just appears there’s a problem with the messenger, or there’s a problem with the message.”

Ingram has polled for the campaigns of Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) in the past and maintains a close relationship with Alabama’s senior senator. He is widely respected in the state of Alabama.