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FL Residents Fear Serial Killer After 3 Killings

A Florida neighborhood is on edge after three people were shot and killed in the past two weeks. (Oct. 23)

TAMPA, Fla. - A possible serial killer is on the loose in Florida. 

Three people have been murdered in a Tampa neighborhood over the past 11 days.

The victims did not know one another, but police have now linked the killings. 

The latest victim, 20-year-old Anthony Naiboa, got on the wrong bus after work Thursday night and ended up in Seminole Heights, a southeast Tampa neighborhood, where he was shot and killed.

“He took the wrong bus to this neighborhood; he should not have been to this neighborhood ... he was going to another bus stop and he did not make it,” Police Chief Brian Dugan said during a press conference.

The other two victims -- Benjamin E. Mitchell, 22, and Monica C. Hoffa, 32, -- also were shot and killed nearby just days earlier. 




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