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Thursday, October 19, 2017

North Korea warns US faces 'unimaginable' strike if it continues military drills with South Korea

North Korea has upped its war talk once again, warning the United States it faces an "unimaginable" military strike.

UK MIRROR Reports:

The Kim Jong-un regime was reacting to the continued drills being carried out by the US and South Korea in the region.

Next week the allies will carry out Courageous Channel in which Americans in the area will practice being evacuated in the event of a "crisis".
Although it is carried out twice a year, it has heightened fears of military conflict.
North Korea's state news agency said in a statement: "The US is running amok by introducing under our nose the targets we have set as primary ones.
"The US should expect that it would face unimaginable strike at an unimaginable time."


Last week, North Korea was spotted moving multiple missiles sparking fears of a fresh launch.
A US spy satellite captured images of missiles mounted on launchers being moved out of a hangar near the capital Pyongyang last Friday, it was claimed.
American and South Korean intelligence agencies are now preparing for the Kim Jong-un regime to carry out a new provocation in defiance of worldwide condemnation.
It had been expected the most likely date for a new missile launch would be October 10, the anniversary of Kim's political party.
But that date passed without any notable military movements.

However the new satellite images suggest Kim will go ahead with another test of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.
A source told South Korean newspaper The Dong-A Ilbo: "The North may carry out a simultaneous launch of ICBM and IRBM within a few days in protest against the U.S.'s show of military might."
The US and her ally South Korea have carried out a series of military drills recently.