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Saturday, November 4, 2017

BREAKING: Martin Luther King had an affair with Joan Baez according to FBI dirt file put together 3 weeks before his assassination

Explosive Martin Luther King document amid JFK files

A stunning piece drafted by the FBI shows Martin Luther King Jr. has illicit sexual affairs.  SOUND FAMILIAR?    


A secret FBI dossier on civil rights leader Martin Luther King alleges that he had a string of affairs and other "sexual aberrations", as well as links to the Communist Party.
It is dated just three weeks before Dr King's assassination in April 1968.
The file was released in a tranche of documents relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy released on Friday.
Mr Kennedy is not referenced in the file and it is not clear why it was kept secret for almost 50 years.

There is no evidence that any of the claims in the report were verified.
Its cover shows it was assessed in 1994 by an FBI task force on the JFK assassination, which concluded none of the document should be released.
Many of the allegations contained in the paper appear to be reports of private conversations between others, or hearsay reported third-hand.
One allegation, that King had a mistress in California with whom he fathered a child, was attributed to "a very responsible Los Angeles individual in a position to know".
Among its other accusations are that:
  • Dr King was surrounded by advisers with strong links to the Communist Party USA
  • His statements were always subject to approval by the alleged communist sympathisers
  • He was a secret supporter of communism, "a whole-hearted Marxist"
  • His organisation, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, set up a "tax dodge" to raise funds for its activities
  • Dr King took part in "drunken sex orgies" and coerced young women to participate
  • He had love affairs with at least four women, including folk singer Joan Baez
The list of alleged indiscretions would likely have been deeply problematic for the civil rights leader if it had been made public in 1968.

Much of the document aims to paint Dr King as a tool of the communist party.