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Saturday, December 23, 2017

BREAKING NOW: Police investigating unconfirmed reports of shooting at Aventura Mall

This file photo shows Aventura Mall, where panic erupted Saturday night as shoppers ran amid reports of a shooting. MATIAS J. OCNER


Panic erupted at Aventura Mall on Saturday night as shoppers ran amid reports of a shooting.

Aventura police said they were investigating the incident and advised people to stay out of the area. The mall was evacuated after being placed on lockdown.
“Aventura police has not found any evidence of a shooting incident at the mall. Everyone is advised to stay out of the area until further notice. Still investigating,” the agency tweeted Saturday night.

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Dozens of Twitter users indicated that their heard something that sounded like gunshots. Shoppers gave differing accounts on where the shooting took place as some said they heard shots at the Macy’s men’s store and others reported the noise in different sections of the mall.

But nobody has actually said they saw a shooting.
Anna Maria Madrid said she was inside shopping with her mother when the panic started.
“We didn’t see anything but fools started running,” Madrid said.
Miami Herald news partner CBS 4 said that the reports of the shooting are unconfirmed and they haven’t found proof of a shooting.
“Three law enforcement sources tell me the reports of an active shooter inside the Aventura Mall are unconfirmed and they have found no evidence of a shooting. Police are continuing to search the Mall,” tweeted CBS 4 reporter Jim DeFede.
The mall also tweeted that nothing has been confirmed writing, “Aventura Police have found no evidence of a shooting. Still being investigated.”

The parking lots and garages were backed up as people attempted to leave and some people hit the ground as they ran out of Macy’s.



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