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Friday, December 29, 2017

CNN Whines About Truck Blocking Golf Course [VIDEO]

CNN, "always focused on the most important stories of the day," had a meltdown when a white box truck blocked them from filming President Donald Trump on the golf course.


On Tuesday, a CNN reporter peeked through the bushes in order to videotape Trump golfing in Palm Beach, Florida. The shot was awkward — and arguably a bit creepy — but CNN bragged about the exclusive shot they got of the president.


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Unsatisfied with just one day of footage, CNN went back to their spot on Wednesday, only to discover it had been blocked off by a white box truck. CNN repeatedly complained about the truck blocking their view on Twitter and on air, whining that they were on public property and suggesting they had a right to film the president on his own golf course.

The Secret Service and the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office both denied responsibility for the truck, causing CNN to launch into full-on conspiracy theory mode. 


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