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Is the CIA covertly working with TWITTER to CENSOR and SHAKEDOWN #JulianAssange ?

A number of recent events may shed some light on a some very "Strange Coincidences," and put that theory to test...


Let's face it, Julian Assange and the CIA are not exactly "Bed Buddies." December 19th, 2017 3 masked men entered WikiLeak's chief counsel Baltasar Garzón's legal office, blinding security cameras with tape, in a "very professional" operation Police said. This coming As CIA threats against @WikiLeaks heat up.  ???  

On December 24th, 2017 another strange event took place.  Assange's twitter account just disappeared.      

Then Assange's account mysteriously returned on Christmas Day and according to one follower,  minus about half of it's original following...
There were some other oddities as well.  An apparent "Inadvertent" tweet from the US Navy twitter account with the words... "Julian Assange," then a lengthy awkward response..  


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