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Virginia House Democrat Shelly Simonds Wins Election by a Single Vote

Virginia Democrats secured a massive victory on Tuesday — by just a single vote.

In a recount following November's Virginia elections, Virginia House candidate Shelly Simonds, a Democrat, was found to have won her election over Republican incumbent David Yancey by just one vote, with a final tally of 11,608 to 11,607. 

Incredibly, that single vote will likely prove to be the difference in which party controls the Virginia House. Ahead of the results, Republicans were set to hold a 51-to-49 majority, with Yancey earlier projected as the winner.

 But with Simonds now determined to be the winner, the House has a 50-50 split. On Wednesday, a three-judge panel has to certify the results. But already, Virginia Republicans conceded that they lost their majority. 





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