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REPORT: FBI Officials SHARED Russian Intel with ‘Trump Dossier’ Author

A bombshell report by the Washington Post reveals a senior FBI agent shared information regarding the bureau’s ongoing Russian probe with ‘Trump Dossier’ author Christopher Steele, unveiling the identity of Trump associates in October of 2016.

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The article, titled “The Truth About the FBI’s Russia Probe,” claims that Steele has maintained connections with the FBI since 2010, one year after retiring from the British spy service MI6.
“On about July 4, 2016, [Steele] met with his FBI friend in London to share what he had gathered for a June 20 Fusion GPS report, the first chapter of his eventual dossier. In that first report, Steele’s sources claimed that Russia had been ‘cultivating’ Trump for at least five years,” writes the Post.

“The bureau requested another meeting with Steele to dig deeper. That encounter took place around Oct. 1 in Rome with Steele’s old FBI contact. At this meeting, the FBI official asked Steele if he had ever heard of Papadopoulos, according to an official familiar with the meeting,” the author adds.

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