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FL Company Gives Out $1,000 Bonuses, Citing 'Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act' on Checks


Dozens of companies across America are offering bonuses, pay raises and other benefits to employees following the passing of the Republican tax overhaul.
Spellex Corporation, a Tampa-based software developer, gave employees a $1,000 bonus check, and the company made sure President Trump received credit for the tax cut bonus.
On Spellex's bonus checks, it read in the “Memo” section: “Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act.”

"Get Paid to Write at Home!

Spellex Corporation founder and CEO Sheldon Wolf said on "Fox & Friends" that he was inspired when he saw bigger companies like AT&T and Bank of America giving out bonuses and sharing the tax cut savings with employees.
"I thought, 'Well, what about us smaller companies, companies with less than 100 employees or less than even 50 employees? We could do the same thing,'" Wolf said. "I wanted to do it because I'm excited about the new tax plan from Trump and the GOP, and I wanted to share the wealth, as they say."


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