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VIDEO: Dozens and Dozens of Buses filled with MARCHERS seen in Washington, DC for #MarchForOurLives

Jack Posobiec went to the DC "March for Our Lives" rally and filmed some very interesting footage:

While many claim this was a large organic out-pouring of support for the "March for our Lives" Rally in DC, this video coupled with Celebrities like Oprah and George Clooney spending half a million respectively to help fund and organize this event, paint a much different picture.

Additionally, there is growing speculation that many of the "protesters" were hired as part of a nationwide effort to promote this message. Below is a screen shot from the google search... "CRAIGSLIST.. MARCH FOR OUR LIVES."

Also identified below is a message sent to one of the (now deleted recent postings,) clearly offering a payment for certain expenses related to travel.

One can only surmise that thought many took to the streets out of their own free will many also were carted in, to drum up more national attention.

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