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Friday, July 13, 2018

Geraldo Rivera Demands Democratic Rep. Cohen Apologize To Troops For Strzok Purple Heart Comment

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera expressed disappointment with Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee on “Fox & Friends” Friday, for suggesting FBI agent Peter Strozk deserves a purple heart. 

Rivera said he believes the GOP is attacking Strzok for political reasons, but called Cohen’s purple heart suggestion “obscene” and demanded he apologize to all of America’s soldiers who have been wounded in battle.
“I do believe that the Republicans have attacked Peter Strzok as a way of discrediting robber Mueller. I think that Congressman Cohen is right about that,” Rivera said. “Having covered the war in Afghanistan … the war in Iraq. Having attended many, many memorials for wounded and killed service members … to see their empty boots as the “Taps” are played. And then to have a congressman in that flamboyant way use the purple heart, almost as an obscenity to give to a political operator within the FBI and the Justice Department I think is really obscene.” 

“I think congressman Cohen owes all of the service members who have been killed or wounded in action a heart-felt apology. He never should have gone there,” Rivera added.
Rivera said Cohen invoked the purple heart to boost Strzok’s credibility for partisan reasons and wanted to protect him from any criticism Republicans may have heaped on him.

“There are some places where even in the most outrageously partisan, rhetorical debate — there are some places you cannot go and you cannot use the purple heart to cloak a political operator in immunity,” he concluded. “I think it’s really, really unfortunate and Congressman Cohen owes those families an apology. That’s just the way I feel.” 

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