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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Protesters Shout Down David Perdue While He’s In The Bathroom, He Fires Back

A handful of anti-Kavanaugh protesters followed Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia and his wife through Reagan National Airport on Monday and continued shouting him down even after he walked into the bathroom.

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“There are millions of woman who have come out about their sexual assault and you don’t feel you have to ask any questions?” yelled one female protester who was wearing a “Be A Hero” T-shirt. “You don’t feel like you have to answer any questions to people who have come out about their sexual assault?”
“Be A Hero'” is a campaign launched from the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) to incentivize Americans to vote for progressive Democrats during the November midterm elections. The Open Society Foundation, which was founded and funded by George Soros, is one of CPD’s largest funders, giving millions to the organization over the past few years.
The gaggle continued shouting at the Georgia senator in the Virginia airport even after he veered away into the bathroom, warning he has “to exit [the bathroom] at some point” and talk to them.

Perdue responded to the onslaught from the Senate floor on Wednesday.
“I’m very troubled today by the extreme measures that we see being made right now about a case that my colleagues across the aisle are trying to make today, I’m outraged actually,” Perdue said. “After a personal incident that involved my wife and myself this week, we have seen firsthand the length to which members of the other side of this aisle will go to distract us away from the truth.”
“I believe my democratic colleagues have gone one tick too far this time. When paid activists who support you attack my wife, you have gone too far,” the Georgia senator continued. “The American people will know that on both sides … You are inciting this disrespect of our law.”
Perdue called out multiple Democratic lawmakers, including Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Reps. Maxine Water and Nancy Pelosi, both of California. He addressed the liberal hysteria by reading specific quotes from his Democratic counterparts that incite harassment toward Republicans.
“This is America, but these are the tactics of the Brown Shirts in Germany in the 1930s,” Perdue said. “Unacceptable. Totally irresponsible.”
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